MediaTek Explains Functions of Dimensity 1000 AI Camera: APU Noise Reduction and More

MediaTek Dimensity 1000

In November last year, MediaTek officially released a brand new 5G new chip series Dimensity at the Shenzhen conference. Also, it announced the first integrated 5G SoC – Dimensity 1000.

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The Dimensity 1000 uses a 7nm process technology. As for the architecture, it uses 4 large cores + 4 small cores design, including 4 2.6GHz A77 cores. Compared with the previous generation, performance is increased by 20%. The small cores are the 2.0GHz A55 cores. Plus, it uses a 9-core Mali G77. Compared with the previous generation G76, the performance is improved by 40%. The AnTuTu score is above 510,000.

MediaTek Dimensity 1000

Now, MediaTek focuses on the introduction of the Dimensity 1000 AI camera. According to the official information, it uses the leading AI independent processor APU3.0 + five-core ISP architecture. Also, it is combined with MediaTek’s exclusive ImagiQ technology, to bring AI NR noise reduction + HDR high dynamic range, AI white balance, AI shutter, AI depth of field, and other camera functions.

Dimensity 1000 Camera Improvements

MediaTek stated officially that the APU can use powerful AI computing power to perform real-time noise reduction and high dynamic range compensation for each frame of the picture. So the captured picture is not only brighter but also the details at the backlight are clearer. Ordinary cameras lose a lot of picture details at high exposures. With the use of multi-frame composition and HDR, the Dimensity1000 series still shows the details clearly even in high-light and backlit scenes.

MediaTek Dimensity 1000

The manufacturer believes that the beauty of photos depends to a large extent on the color tone. In scenes where white balance and color casts are prone, the Dimensity 1000 Series has a color card-level correction function that can correctly identify the current scene and restore the correctness through AI.

In terms of video, the Dimensity 1000 series supports multi-frame fusion 4K HDR video function. This technology captures three frames under different exposures to obtain a higher dynamic range. Then, it performs real-time intelligent image fusion to generate a 4K video that supports 60fps.

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