GENTLE MONSTER X HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Glasses (Spring/Summer 2020) Announced


On March 26, 2020, the Huawei P40 series arrived as expected. But the company also introduced the GENTLE MONSTER X HUAWEI Eyewear smart glasses spring and summer 2020. It combines new and upgraded fashion styles.



GENTLE MONSTER X HUAWEI Eyewear is Huawei’s first product in the field of smart glasses. Eyewear smart glasses are first and foremost easy-to-wear and stylish glasses. The word ‘smart’ is only an option of glasses, making information acquisition and interaction easier.


Based on clear design principles and rich technical accumulation, Huawei Eyewear has received countless praises in China and abroad once it was launched. After a year of precipitation, Eyewear’s new spring and summer 2020 appeared in the world with stunning features, innovative features, and excellent joint design with GENTLE MONSTER, making Huawei Eyewear once again at the forefront of fashion.

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Huawei released a total of 5 Eyewear smart glasses in 2019. They include 2 sunglasses and 3 optical glasses, covering different user groups. Eyewear 2020 spring and summer new fashion is upgraded again. There are two types of sunglasses, smart MY MA 01 with smooth lines and smart HER 01.



Among them, the new Smart MY MA 01 uses a smooth round frame. The Smart HER 01 uses a cat-eye shape frame. The two Huawei Eyewear smart glasses are inlaid with bullet-shaped decorative nails on both ends of the glass, and the lenses support efficient UV protection.

Smart MY MA 01 Smooth Round Frame

Smart HER 01 Oversized Square Frame

Pioneer of technology

The difference in appearance has made Huawei Eyewear eye-catching. In fact, Huawei Eyewear’s technological innovation and application are even more commendable. On the function side, Huawei takes full advantage of its technology accumulation. Also, it integrates many functions into Eyewear’s two slim and thin temples. The thinnest part of the temples is only 4mm. The glass body has no interfaces and buttons.


Smart HER 01 slim temple

So how to achieve smart operation without interfaces and buttons? Huawei Eyewear spring/summer 2020 integrates double-click operation and wake-up voice assistant on the temple. Just double-click the temple, you can trigger a variety of internal precision devices and sensors to complete music playback, call connection, wake-up voice assistant, and other features. It supports smart wear detection, high-definition stereo, and NFC wireless charging.

It is worth mentioning that Eyewear’s new spring and summer 2020 collection has realized dual-microphone linear beam noise reduction on the thin temples. One microphone is used to collect ambient noise, and the other microphone is used to collect call sounds at the same time. The processing is coupled with the collected call sound. In conjunction with AI voice noise reduction technology, it effectively reduces the interference of environmental noise on the call and brings a more relaxed and comfortable call experience.


Huawei Eyewear smart glasses with a lot of technology also deal with subtle details such as design, materials, interaction, and experience. In order to take into account the product’s functional experience and the stylish slimness of the temples, Eyewear uses the extreme stacking technology of the device and places the function buttons in the temples.

At the same time, as a heavy item announced at the Huawei P40 Global Conference, Huawei Eyewear smart glasses are used in conjunction with the Huawei P40 series to have a better smart interactive experience.

Through different interactive operations, Eyewear has achieved an unprecedented smart experience. They make each user be an iron man with a smart assistant ‘Jarvis’.

They may go on sale at the end of May.

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