Xiaomi updates the Mi Camera app, adds new features

Mi Camera

Over the years, smartphones from Chinese companies are becoming more advanced in all aspects. This is due to the fact that their functionality is expanding rapidly. Today, Xiaomi has done what many have long anticipated of. The company has released a new MIUI firmware for its smartphones, which includes the updated Mi Camera application.

With the new camera app, users can take significantly take better pictures than before. And at the same time, record more detailed videos. The latest software is currently available only for the latest Mi 10-series of smartphones. However, in the next few weeks, it may roll out for many other Xiaomi smartphones.

The latest software includes support for a feature called Super Stabilizer Plus, which is the most advanced image optimization algorithm for video recording. Due to this, the video will turn out smoother when shooting with your hands or any other objects that do not move in space quite smoothly. In addition, Mi Camera now supports the smooth approximation (zoom) feature. Along with continual shooting of photos, and many new features that make this software even more advanced than ever before.

Mi Camera

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Mi Camera app new features

When recording video, you can now adjust the white balance, change the focus settings, change the shutter speed, make changes to the ISO, and also improve the exposure. Also, with the new video recording features, users can now apply new filters to it. Recording video in 8K resolution on Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro has also become better. Since the new app includes an updated processing feature, which takes up significantly less space, and users can take screenshots of these in native resolution with one click.

Due to the new image compression algorithm, all new pictures taken using the new Mi Camera application, take up much less free space. Moreover, the quality remains original. Photos are now taken faster, and the level of detail has increased. Since new algorithms and neural networks are now involved in the process of creating images. That due to AI, make photos more detailed and attractive for perception. It is likely that in the next two months, the latest software will be released for all modern Xiaomi smartphones. However, for now, it is available for the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro devices.

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  1. Guest
    March 29, 2020

    I hope that the Xiaomi mi8 get this new update because I have a Xiaomi mi8 and the camera app is a trash to take shots. The first time that I take a photo I thought that the camera was with some bug or something like that because the photos had horrible quality and at night it’s worst.