Huawei wants to get Google services back on its phones, says CEO

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It seems that Huawei is changing its strategy toward the US Ban and the relation with Google, previously there was talk about how nice the in-house AppGallery is and confirming that they will rely on Huawei mobile services even if the ban is lifted. Well, now the Chinese manufacturer now plans to continue working with Google again.

Huawei wants to get Google services back on its phones, says CEO

In an interview with Wired, the head of the private customer division, Richard Yu, spoke about Huawei’s future plans. According to Yu, they hope that they can start working with Google again – despite their own AppGallery, they are open to it. This is also in the interest of Google and other US companies and developers, which have made a lot of money thanks to Huawei. They would like Huawei devices to use the Play Store again.

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With regard to the AppGallery, the Huawei manager admits that there are developments but there still has gaps. It would take a year or two to enhance what it offer. They also had to struggle with restrictions in the smart home sector, which is why they are currently adhering to their own open standard (HiLink) and have not joined the smart home alliance of Apple, Amazon, Google and Zigbee. In addition, they think their own standard is superior.

Relatively interesting: Yu was asked how long smartphone cameras would be at the forefront of the innovation. The Huawei manager estimates that this could continue for a year or two. This advancement of camera development in the mobile segment swallows up enormous amounts and also drives up material costs. Yu believes that longer runtimes, larger screens and eye protection are becoming increasingly important.

When asked about foldables and a possible drop in prices, Yu says he estimates that foldable prices will reach the same level as the flagship phones in a year and a half. Huawei is currently not making a profit even with the high selling prices of the Mate Xs.

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