WhatsApp beta reveals more details about the expiring messages feature

The highly anticipated WhatsApp feature of self-destructing messages (also called Expiring Messages) is revealed in the latest beta with new details on its functionality.

One of the most anticipated features that will come soon to WhatsApp is the expiring messages. It’s an option that has been present in other competing apps for a long time, such as Telegram. (Which was recently updated to version 6 with a lot of new features). Now the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android gives us more details of this function that, although not yet available, is expected to arrive soon.

WhatsApp beta reveals more details about the expiring messages feature

In this sense, the messages that self-expire from WhatsApp would be directly integrated into common chats. It would not work through the typical “secret chats” that other apps like the aforementioned Telegram have. Of course, it seems that on WhatsApp it is not very clear how they are going to call this function. This is because they change the name again to Expiring Messages.

The latest beta, corresponding to version 2.20.110 of WhatsApp for Android, includes this feature for administrators. But as we saw in betas 2.20.83 and 2.20.84, WhatsApp messages that self-destruct will also be available for individual chats.

Another interesting change is that when the self-destructing message function in WhatsApp is active for a specific chat or group, an indicator will be shown in the profile image in the chat list so that we know, at a glance, that the content will be automatically deleted once the time selected in the app has passed, which can range from a day, a week or a month.

More details of multi-device support

Along with this new feature, the beta also includes news about multi-device support. We already knew that the team is currently working on a new feature that allows the same account to be used on different devices at the same time. This includes a rumored version for iPad, something to which the company would be giving special priority.

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