Huawei wants Google applications in the Huawei App Gallery

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As we all know, Huawei is largely deprived of working with American companies and especially Google. This is thanks to the trade sanctions imposed by the United States government for alleged spying. Google has repeatedly insisted to get an exception from the trade ban, but as long as Huawei can no longer use Google applications, Huawei hopes that Google could publish some of its apps in Huawei AppGallery.

Huawei wants Google applications in the Huawei App Gallery

Instead of the Play Store, the latest Huawei devices come with “AppGallery”, another app store managed by Huawei. As you might expect, Google apps are nowhere to be found. But one of Huawei executives is hoping that this could change. “We hope Google services can be available through our AppGallery. It will be just like how Google services are available through Apple’s App Store.”  Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating chairman.

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Needless to say, the chances of this happening are very minimal. Although legal restrictions on Huawei are constantly evolving, it’s probably safe to assume that if Google can’t work with Huawei to allow Play services. It probably also can’t work with Huawei to publish its own apps on the company store. Most of Google’s apps are also heavily dependent on the Play services framework, so even if Google wants to, the company would have to significantly rework most of its apps.

“I’ve always argued that even if Huawei could get most major developers onto its AppGallery in the upcoming years, there is still one critical developer whose apps would be missing: Google,” Bryan Ma, vice president of devices research at IDC, told CNBC. “So if Huawei is really able to get Google on board, then it would be a significant milestone.”

It is very unlikely, but let’s wait and see the developments on the subject in the coming weeks.

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