CHUWI AeroBook Pro 15.6 offers even some good gaming


Recently launched CHUWI AeroBook Pro 15.6 laptop model has attracted a lot of consumers’ attention. It features a series of solid performing hardware including UHD 4K screen, Intel i5 processor, metal body and full-size keyboard. So you certainly don’t have to be worried about normal daily performance. Meanwhile it can run non-demanding games smoothly and have a deliver solid gaming experience with Intel Iris Graphics 500 graphic card.

Intel i5 processor, powerful Iris 550 GPU

Equipped with Intel i5 6287U processor, clocked at 3.5GHz, dual-core four threads design, built-in Iris Graphics 550 graphic card with base frequency 300Mhz up to 1.1Ghz this new CHUWI laptop can run most common online games and light stand-alone games smoothly.

Smooth gaming experience 

In the actual gaming tests AeroBook Pro 15.6 brought a solid gaming experience. For exmaple in Hero League AeroBook Pro 15.6 can maintain about 80FPS in the 1080P resolution. Even in complex scenes such as group warfare  it can still maintain around 55FPS.


With the Iris 550 graphic card  AeroBook Pro 15.6 can also handle complex scenes in big 3D hooter games like CS: GO and average around 55FPS.

How about some classical single player games like Tomb Raider ? Well very much playable with the test reaching about 50 FPS.


AeroBook Pro 15.6 benefits from new heat dissipation design and it can keep a low temperature in the gaming process. Iris Graphics 550 graphic card can in some games match the performance of nVidia MX150 so it can be a solid gaming platform when needed.


AeroBook Pro 15.6 is already live on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. So you can chip in the crowdfunding and enjoy a full 20% discount. And as usual you can find more information on the official website.

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