Samsung mulling under-screen camera for Galaxy S21

OPPO under-screen camera

In the pursuit of the ultimate bezel-less display, the under-screen camera solution looks like the holy grail. That is, if it can be mass-produced at scale. There’s only one  OEM who’s shown readiness to use the under-screen camera solution in the near future, OPPO. And even the Chinese OEM has been forced back because of the challenges tied to the implementation. That’s why when noted Chinese blogger, IceUniverse, says that Samsung could use it on the Galaxy S21, you sit up and take notice.

To be fair, even he’s not confirming that the Korean company will be using the under-screen camera for sure. However, for Samsung to be even considering this, as it is being said in the tweet, makes us very interested. If a giant like BBK Electronics has mass-production difficulties in making these phones, then only a conglomerate like Samsung gives us hope.

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That optimism aside, it’s worth noting that Samsung hasn’t even shown off a prototype of such a technology if it has made any progress in that regard. Considering that it’s a first-generation technology, what makes more sense is a concept phone to test market waters because the pixelated area (above the camera) is pretty obvious, from what we’ve seen on the prototypes.

Regardless, it’s quite early to jump to any conclusions and Samsung could just scrap the whole thing if it doesn’t look ready for the mainstream consumer market. We’ll keep an eye on this development and keep you updated on the situation.

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