OPPO under-screen camera can’t be mass-produced in 2019

It is well known that both Xiaomi and OPPO are working on under-screen cameras prototypes at the moment. OPPO has already officially declared it will demo a handset with the futuristic full-screen technology at the upcoming MWC 2019 Shanghai event and we really can’t wait to check it out. However, it seems the technology will take much more time to reach commercial availability. As per OPPO VP Shen Yiren, the complexity of the under-screen camera will make it very hard to mass produce by the end of this year.


This means that at least OPPO’s first under-display camera phone won’t be available to buy anytime soon even if the company will be able to show-off the prototype. This also means that we could possibly see some mass-production strating next year and if that happens we can expect other Chinese phone makers to catch on quickly. Yiren earlier also said that there is a certain loss of image quality with the new innovative camera going under the screen. Like the in-display fingerprint reader which has now improved a lot in two years, we expect the in-screen camera to also take its due time before ushering an era of true full-screen smartphones.

Xiaomi has not yet talked about doing mass production either, so it seems those pop-up cameras, and swivel modules will hang around for around a year. What are your thougthts about this new breakthrough? Are you all in on this new full-screen concept? Or do you prefer old school traditional bezels? Let us know in the comments section below.

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