YouTube Android app tests putting comments below the description

Google has been running a lot of interface tests on the YouTube Android app for the past few months. Now, it tries making it easier to see comments under videos. In the new version, the comments are moved just below the description, and the suggested videos are taken further down.

Now, users need to keep scrolling down to access the recommended videos in the new version of the application. The new interface appears in the version 15.14.33 of the YouTube Android app. The comments are in a box below the description, and touching it causes the box to expand.

Although many users on Twitter say that they can find the new interface feature on their devices, the feature is not available to everyone for now. For this reason, we believe that Google still testing it. If the company comes up with a statement regarding this situation, the post will be updated accordingly.


In a separate news, we can read that YouTube has recently announced that videos establishing a direct link between 5G and the coronavirus will be directly deleted on the platform. The site plans to go further, YouTube plans to limit their recommendation, demonetize them, and remove them from search results.

In the UK, cell towers set on fire in the cities of Liverpool and Birmingham in recent days. Investigations are still underway to determine the origin, but these incidents occur in an explosive context. Conspiracy theories linking 5G to the coronavirus are in fact widely shared around the world. In addition to these fires, other concrete consequences have been observed and engineers working on 5G projects have been threatened. Faced with this explosive situation, Oliver Dowden, the British Minister of Culture, has announced that he will talk to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in an attempt to have this conspiracy content removed.

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