PUBG Mobile gets much-demanded Ranked TDM mode

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG mobile has got a new Ranking system in its popular Team Deathmatch (popularly known as TDM) mode. The game’s creator, Tencent Games has announced in a recent tweet that the new Ranked Mode is already live.

PUBG mobile is the most sought-after game for real-time battle arena formats. Right from its launch, it has topped the charts in downloads and is still trending in the 2nd spot under the Top Grossing category on Google’s Playstore. 

The game is addictive not just for the gameplay and graphics it offers in the battle arena, but also for the widely played TDM mode. Inspite of the popularity,  players have always wanted to get a Ranked Mode in Team Deathmatch(TDM) since the players were getting matched to others who could not play up to their levels. Now, Tencent games seems to have finally taken this into account as the new Ranked Mode in TDM will be similar to the ranking system that is already in the Battle Arena mode.

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Apart from this, there is also a new mode introduced called the “Arctic Mode”. The company clarified that this new mode is available as a part of EvoGround game mode selection. This means the new mode is widely available for players as a part of the new update. In this new game mode, players have to compete against two elements. The first one is, all the rivals on the map and the second being the environmental cold. 

The company calls it “extreme gameplay”. There is a new bar indicating the body temperature alongside the health bar and if a player doesn’t keep an eye on this tab on getting exposed to cold, it may lead to hypothermia. To combat this, players need to find a shelter and start a fire. To do this, they have to gather branches of trees and set fire before the storm sets in. This fire is visible on the map and may attract rivals towards you. This mode also includes heaters, health packs, snow-mobiles and remote controlled drones. The new game modes are available with the latest update.


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