Sony PlayStation 5 will have pleasant surprises at launch – former Sony engineer

PlayStation 5

The latest gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft will arrive at the end of the year. There is a race to the finish line between these manufacturers and on paper, Microsoft seems to be ahead. Microsoft has revealed more about the Xbox Series X compared to Sony with the PlayStation 5. Microsoft has also confirmed that the Xbox Series X will support optical tracking and VRS (Variable Rate Shading) technology. These technologies are new and we don’t know what they will offer.

PlayStation 5

However, former engineer, Matt Hargett, believes that Sony will have some pleasant surprises at launch. As for the VRS, Hargett explained why Sony has been reluctant to confirm the technology. He said that VRS is a “hard-to-speak technology” – whether it brings benefits or disadvantages depends on the game. Thus, it is not a straight-forward technology. Its benefits not only depends on the game but also on the scene of the game.

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“That’s right. VRS is a new DX12 feature that allows developers to change the shading rate within a single frame, and selectively reduce the level of detail in some areas of the screen, including deep shadows. When it is active, it improves the game performance, however, there is no noticeable effect on image quality”.

VRS technology can improve performance and reduce image quality. This technology gives developers some flexibility. Its performance depends on what the game developers choose.

In addition to the VRS technology, Matt Hargett also said Sony Playstation 5 has a lot of features that are not public. According to him, the PlayStation may seem worse than XSX on paper, however, when all the specs are public, we may want to review our stand.

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In all, we can not talk about the practical experience of either of the consoles (PS5 & XSX). We will have to wait a few months for these devices to arrive.

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  1. uumanebs
    April 26, 2020

    Tom’s Hardware, of all sites, just released an article about how Sony should be worried bc MS’s ssd loads Gears 5 4x faster than the stock 5400rpm drive in the current gen. So it’s presumptively loading at about 120mbps when a standard ssd does more than 3x that and Sony’s ps5 doubles even that. I was able to pull off a similar jump on Sony’s Spiderman by putting a 2tb Samsung 970 Evo in my ps4 pro due to having sata3, and the cpu is now the bottleneck.

    Despite the article stating they addressed bottlenecks, it sounds like they have a serious bottlenecking issue. My pc already loads significantly faster than 4x either console in any game I’ve tried. Including my ps4 pro w/ the evo. Sony’s touting load times that put any current ssd on the market to shame (I want to see proof, bc a number of pcie ssds are already faster. Though they do lack the 6 staged prioritization). And MS is touting speeds on par w/ a good hybrid drive, which is comical.

    Something is fishy here.

  2. Guest
    April 26, 2020

    There is a typo in paragraph 5 it says pubic instead of public LOL

  3. AnthonRoy Thomas
    April 26, 2020

    Typos aside, this article is an abomination. The author confuses VRS (Variable Rate Shading) with VRR, which is variable refresh rate, and is a completely different technology.
    I’d advise that you research what you’re writing about in future.

  4. Damen the bot
    April 26, 2020

    I still think that there should be a battery in the PlayStation that will charge over time of you playing it so if there is a sudden power shut down you have a minute and a half how to turn off your PlayStation before you get corruption