Hacking: data from 73 million internet users is for sale on the dark web

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Nicknamed ShinyHunters, a group of hackers claims that it illegally sells the data of more than 73.2 million users on the dark web, reports ZDNet.

According to hackers, this data was stolen from several websites. Therefore, it include the Zoosk online dating application, the Chatbooks printing service, the Home Chef food delivery service, the SocialShare fashion platform and the American newspaper StarTribune and the health magazine Mindful.

Hacking: data from 73 million internet users is for sale on the dark web

Each of these services has at least one million users, against 30 million for Zooks and 15 million for Chatbooks. In total, these databases include the private information of more than 73.2 million users.

ZDNet reports that the hacker group would sell each database separately for $18,000. In addition, if ShinyHunters has shared samples to confirm the veracity of the data in its possession, ZDNet indicates that the authenticity of the databases cannot be confirmed at the moment – although the samples correspond to real information.

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However, several entities claim that ShinyHunters is a real threat, which suggests that the group of hackers did have access to these databases before putting them on the dark web for sale. Also, this group was also behind the hack of Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest online merchant, a hack that took place in early May.

In this context, the personal information of more than 91 million people was on sale, the entire database was available for only $5,000.

Currently, only the Chatbooks service has revealed that it was hacked on March 26. In his case, the user data relates to the names, emails and passwords of customers. For the moment, none of the other companies concerned has spoken on the subject.

Here is a list of the databases in question:

  • Online dating app Zoosk (30 million user records)
  • Printing service Chatbooks (15 million user records)
  • South Korean fashion platform SocialShare (6 million user records)
  • Food delivery service Home Chef (8 million user records)
  • Online marketplace Minted (5 million user records)
  • Online newspaper Chronicle of Higher Education (3 million user records)
  • South Korean furniture magazine GGuMim (2 million user records)
  • Health magazine Mindful (2 million user records)
  • Indonesia online store Bhinneka (1.2 million user records)
  • US newspaper StarTribune (1 million user records)
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