Oppo warns: 40W fast charging degrades the smartphone battery

In April, Oppo launched the Ace2 smartphone with Snapdragon 865 chip, 90Hz screen and an in-screen fingerprint sensor. The smartphone has a 4,000 mAh battery capacity and supports 65W wired fast charging and 40W wireless charging. With these fast charging technologies, Oppo has taken its charging technology to the next level. However, it is not absolute perfection.

Oppo warns: 40W fast charging degrades the smartphone battery

In fact, Oppo confirms that its 40W fast charging technology affects battery life by 70%, with the same charging cycle, 15W charging will reduce less with 90% life expectancy.

That may explain why some OEMs like Google and Apple do not follow the technology with huge charging speed numbers. In fact, manufacturers claim that 15W fast charging is sufficient for most people in any case.

Fast charging technology helps smartphones charge at a faster rate, helping users to experience more convenient and comfortable, but the battery life decreases faster. However, most people usually do not use a device for more than three years. Therefore, it’s hard to notice the change.

Apparently, Oppo is convinced that the best fast charging helps the company’s next phones sell better by supporting 65W wired fast charging.

It is worth mentioning that Oppo is a member of the BBK Electronics group which also includes Vivo, OnePlus and Realme brands under its range. The upcoming smartphones from these brands will also support up to 65W fast charging technology.

Some other smartphone manufacturers are trying to slow down this degradation in various ways. Some of them are slowing charging of the battery after charging 50%.

The issue of fast charging is to reach a compromise between battery life and charger power, and we will see how the manufacturers will deal with this issue in the upcoming releases. In this regard, we will keep you updated as soon as possible

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  1. Yasser1969
    May 12, 2020

    When did OPPO say that?? Where is the source from OPPO ??? Obviously you don’t have any credible source and you just republished some tweet by no one! You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading lies and misinformation, especially when you are a Muslim! Don’t you know this is Haram? I used to trust your writings but not anymore! You are fake news.. shame on you!