The U.S. Army to develop a wearable device that detects COVID-19

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Since the widespread of the new coronavirus, there has been no simple or straightforward prognosis for the virus. To make matters worse, the diagnosis of this highly contagious disease is not simple. This means that we can’t just walk into any lab for testing. As of today, the simplest way to identify COVID-19 is to identify a combination of symptoms and make a calculated “assumption”. The latest report shows that the U.S. Army wants to urgently develop a wearable device that can detect multiple symptoms of COVID-19.

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The U.S. Army urgently need the device

According to media reports, the U.S. Army has signed a $25 million R & D contract with a technology company. The main aim of this contract is to develop a wearable device that detects the early symptoms of new coronavirus. According to the tender, the US military urgently needs to develop this device. It needs a fast and accurate wearable diagnostic tool to identify and isolate cases before symptoms. This will also help to track or prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

This diagnostic tool can be worn on the wrist like a watch or on a shirt belt. The purpose is to provide molecular biomarkers for fever, breathlessness, exposure to viruses, and even indicators of antibodies.

Furthermore, the device will monitor the wearer in real-time. If there are minor symptoms, the sensor will automatically remind the user. This way, a medical staff can conduct a comprehensive test, isolation and other further diagnoses. The new coronavirus gets more contagious when the victim is showing symptoms. Thus, there is a need to detect “infant” symptom(s). This will probably eliminate the need for random testing.

At present, an army unit in Fort Benning, Georgia, is responsible for ensuring the advanced combat capabilities of melee soldiers. It has also converted the goggles used in the battle into an equipment capable of measuring the temperature of 300 soldiers in 25 minutes.

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