Hundreds of people in Melbourne, Australia, protest against 5G

5G network

A few days ago, over 100 demonstrators in Australia gathered in Melbourne’s central business district to protest the pandemic lockdown order. According to them, they will “fight for freedom and rights”. The protest did not just stop at the lockdown order. They also vehemently opposed the construction of 5G network and called for the arrest of Bill Gates.

This is obviously a very wrong time to carry out any sort of public protest because the virus is still very much around. Because the demonstrations violated social distancing regulations, the police arrived at the scene to stop them. Of course, there were clashes with demonstrators. In the end, there were 10 arrests by the police, including 2 organizers. Most of the arrests were due to non-compliance with public health orders, and 3 people will be charged with assaulting the police. The incident caused a policeman to be taken to the hospital with an injured rib.

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The Victorian Minister of Health expressed “disappointment” to the protest. The Australian Chief Medical Officer said there is no evidence that 5G is related to the new coronavirus. It is very unfortunate that there are still people who really believe that 5G has something to do with COVID-19.

In the UK, a couple of 5G base stations have been burnt to the ground. Some British residents seem to strongly believe that 5G is the cause of the coronavirus pandemic. Early last month, two base stations in Birmingham and Merseyside were set on fire by residents.

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5G has no relationship with COVID-19

All conspiracy theories that attempt to link 5G technology with the new coronavirus have no proof. This virus also spreads in countries that do not have a 5G network. Overall, there is no correlation between the construction of 5G and the new coronavirus pandemic. Although the two are happening at the same time, if you look at the situation in specific countries, you will find that there is no relationship between them.

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