Xbox Series X will delay its price announcement to ensure its cheaper than PS5

Microsoft Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

According to recent reports, Microsoft is waiting for Sony to announce the price of the PS5. The company needs to know the PS5 price before revealing the price of the Xbox Series X. Despite Microsoft’s “leading” position ahead of rival Sony by announcing the Xbox Series X’s specs, features, and game lineup in advance, Microsoft has yet to reveal the all-important Xbox Series X selling price.

Sony PS5 & Xbox Series X

Recently, two video game analysts, Michael Pachter and former Microsoft executive Peter Moore, revealed that Microsoft is waiting for Sony to reveal the undercard. In fact, they claim Microsoft plans to sell its console $100 less than the PlayStation price!

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Analysts say Xbox Series X want to be $100 cheaper

Analyst Michael Pachter said, “As far as I know, Sony will have to set a price of $500 for the PS5 that Microsoft’s balance sheet can afford.”

The analyst continued, “If they wanted to lower the price by $100 – just below the price of [the PS5] and subsidize the first 10 million devices, they would.” “So, I think they’re waiting for Sony to announce the selling price first and then reveal the price. It’s probably $400.”

Former EA and Microsoft executive, Peter Moore, reiterated Michael Pachter’s thoughts, saying that Microsoft was simply assessing how much loss it can take in the early part of this generation.

Recall that the Xbox Series X has two versions and the availability of a cheaper version could be a good move for Microsoft. This is because Sony PlayStation will sell fewer PS5 devices this year due to higher parts prices. In addition, the pandemic situation (or its aftermath) will also affect ales.

We also hope the PS5 price isn’t too high. Xbox executive Phil Spencer claimed that Xbox will keep its host price “flexible” in the current financial situation around the world the Xbox Series X will be priced down.

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What do you think about Microsoft’s Xbox Series X selling for $100 less? Will you consider the Xbox over PS5 if this happens? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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