US Market Smartphone Users’ Satisfaction Survey: Apple Still Dominates

Today, the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released an analysis of US users’ satisfaction with smartphones of various brands. The data shows that the smartphone brand with the highest consumer satisfaction in the United States in 2020 still belongs to Apple. Compared with the score of 81 (percentage) in 2019, Apple has increased by one point this year. Samsung ranked second with a one-point difference; LG (79 points) and Motorola (77 points) ranked third and fourth, respectively.

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According to ACSI surveys, American consumers are generally satisfied with the improved battery life of the iPhone 11 series released last fall. It also makes Apple the brand with the highest satisfaction in the list.

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For customer satisfaction, Apple (+1% to 82) and Samsung (unchanged at 81) continue to wrangle as a small gain puts Apple on top. Apple’s overall ‌iPhone‌ revenue rose 8% year over year in the 2019 holiday quarter with strong sales for its ‌iPhone 11‌ series, which offers advanced cameras and improved battery life. ACSI data show that Apple customers overall are more pleased with their device’s battery life compared to a year ago.

users' satisfaction

The Cupertino-based company and the South Korean manufacturer together dominated the individual brand rankings.

The number-one phone is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 with an ACSI score of 85. The Note 9 rates best in class for both phone features and video quality. The Galaxy S9+ and S10 follow at 84, tied with Apple’s iPhone XS Max. All of these models are older, released in 2018, with the exception of the S10. All four also have screen sizes of 6.1 inches or more.

From the model point of view, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ranked first with 85 points. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S9+, S10, and iPhone XS Max tied for second with 84 points. The iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone 8 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S10+ scored 82 points. The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max scored 82 points.

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