Without Apple’s help, the FBI has managed to unlock the iPhone

iPhone SE2 or Apple iPhone 9

The security of a terrorist’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 was eventually circumvented by the FBI. They claim to have access to the two phones content bypassing the encryption.

According to the US Attorney General William Barr, the FBI was able to bypass Apple’s protections. Thus, discovering that the terrorist was in contact with Al-Qaeda organization.

As a reminder, he killed three American sailors at Naval Air Station Pensacola in California in December and injured eight others. He was a member of the Saudi military and was on an internship in the United States. He was 21 years old.

Without Apple’s help, the FBI has managed to unlock the iPhone

iPhone SE2

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Trump administration has asked Apple to unlock the iPhone last January, but the manufacturer refused. Locked iPhones are encrypted and Apple has no way of accessing content. The FBI has then created a whole new system that bypasses the security of iOS.

Apple had subsequently clarified that “there is no backdoor for the security authorities”. And that creating access for this case could have an impact on the rest. This since it will be possible to spy on iPhone users. Apple has, however, provided authorities with iCloud backups, information about the terrorist accounts, and transactional data for several accounts.

“Apple’s decision has dangerous consequences for the public safety and the national security. And is, in my judgement, unacceptable,” Barr said. “Apple’s desire to provide privacy for its customers is understandable, but not at all costs. There is no reason why companies like Apple cannot design their consumer products and apps to allow for court-authorized access by law enforcement. This while maintaining very high standards of data security.”

“Thanks to the great work of the FBI — and no thanks to Apple — we were able to unlock the phones,” said William Barr in a statement.

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  1. Cyril Dieudonne
    May 20, 2020

    ahah. I actually understand both sides.that’s the problem in countries where government and justice have less power than private companies. Private companies are only targetting money, and will do everything they can to continue to do so. even if it goes against justice. Amazing