These brands have just joined Xiaomi/Oppo unified file transfer alliance

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo began working on a common standard for transferring peer-to-peer files between smartphones. More brands have just joined the file transfer alliance: Realme, OnePlus, BlackShark and Meizu.

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo founded a consortium for fast file transfers between smartphones in mid-2019. Their proprietary peer-to-peer communication protocol is supposed to make our life much easier, just like Apple’s AirDrop or to some extent Huawei Share. However, this solution will be available between devices from different manufacturers without additional applications.

A ready file sharing mechanism was made available in early 2020. Apparently it worked, because other brands joined the consortium: Realme, Meizu, OnePlus and BlackShark, specializing in absurdly strong gaming smartphones and cool accessories.

These brands have just joined Xiaomi/Oppo unified file transfer alliance

The consortium estimates that after joining more manufacturers, seamless file transfers will be available to 400 million users worldwide. The transfer speed will be around 20 MB/s, so it will beat the file sharing via Bluetooth.

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So far, the producers did not say when exactly the technology will be available to owners of smartphones. But, for example, JoyUI 11 from Black Shark already supports it.

Black Shark has been the first brand to implement this technology in its devices through JoyUI 11. Although it is not surprising considering that it is a software-based on MIUI 11. Therefore, the models of the Black series Shark 2 and Black Shark 3 already incorporate this transfer tool between devices, in the same way, that those of Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi already do.

It is worth to mention that previously, we learned that Google was working on its own AirDrop, a native file transfer system on Android. It’s a wireless service and works without the need to install applications. This is something we have been seeing on Huawei and Honor phones for years, with the Huawei Share and we know that Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are also working on their alternatives. Google’s “AirDrop” seems the most attractive, as it is the option that we will find natively on Android.

Although we are calling it the Android or Google AirDrop, the truth is that it already has its own name and is Nearby Sharing. In a leaked video, we saw the different options of this service. We access it from a toggle in the quick settings panel. Here we can put our name and our phone number. So that identification is easier when using Nearby Sharing, as well as leaving our phone hidden or in public.

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