Google has an alternative to AirDrop and you can already see how it will work

Almost two weeks ago, we learned that Google was working on its own AirDrop, a native file transfer system on Android. It’s a wireless service and works without the need to install applications. This is something we have been seeing on Huawei and Honor phones for years, with the Huawei Share and we know that Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are also working on their alternatives. Google’s “AirDrop” seems the most attractive, as it is the option that we will find natively on Android.

It has been the people of XDA Developers who have managed to make it work in various devices. In the video that we bring you, they are a Google Pixel 2 XL and a Pixel 4. But as Mishaal Rahman comments, they have also managed to make it work smoothly on a OnePlus 7 Pro.

Nearby Sharing in operation: this is the Android AirDrop

Although we are calling it the Android or Google AirDrop, the truth is that it already has its own name and is Nearby Sharing. In the video, at the beginning, we are seeing the different options of this service. We access it from a toggle in the quick settings panel. Here we can put our name and our phone number, so that identification is easier when using Nearby Sharing, as well as leaving our phone hidden or in public.

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In case of choosing the “hidden” option, we will have to touch the toggle every time we want to receive a file. During the tests, we see how when you touch the share button, the option of Nearby Sharing appears. As soon as you touch it, it will look for visible phones to which you can send the corresponding files. In addition, the transfer must be accepted, we will not receive the file without our permission.

At the settings, you could also configure how we wanted the data transmission (WiFi, offline or mobile data). In case of choosing WiFi, an access point is created. It is not necessary to be connected to the same network. The truth is that the operation seems perfect even at this stage of development. But we would like that when touching the share button, the mobile will automatically detect other phones with the option of Nearby Sharing activated near us, to speed up the process.

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