CoD Mobile Season 7 delayed

cod mobile season 7

The ongoing protests in the US due to the death of George Floyd in a controversial way has forced companies to postpone their launches. The recent one to join the bandwagon is Activision. The company has said that it is postponing the update of COD: Modern Warfare’s Season 4 and Season 7 of COD: Mobile.

Earlier today, CoD Mobile’s Twitter handle announced the decision. It states “ We are moving the update of Modern Warfare 4 a COD Mobile 7 to later dates.” This postpones the arrival of Captain Price in Modern Warfare a little longer. 

It further said that “now is not the time”. This quote is probably the most used in recent days amidst the protests in the US. While the company hasn’t actually mentioned the reason for the delay, it has quoted that “now is the time to speak up for equality, justice, and change”.

Sony PS4 and Android 11 also delayed

This is reminiscent of Sony’s quotes which had earlier postponed its PS5 event citing similar reasons on the lines of COD.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was supposed to receive the Season 4 update on June 3rd. It also had planned to bring Captain Price, along with other content updates like new weapons and maps. 

Additionally, the company has mentioned that the standalone free-to-play Warzone’s new season will be delayed. This epic Multiplayer game doesn’t require users to own the COD Modern Warfare. The latest update has brought the most requested Duos feature where players will drop into the Map with a friend. Along with it, there will be a random player similar to the trio and squads feature.

Similarly, the Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 update was supposed to land sometime in the first week of June. There were new guns like the HBRA3 and a few others expected. While fans will definitely be disappointed with the news, it remains to be seen when the company will reschedule the updates in the future as the protests in the US aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

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