TikTok is the most downloaded app for May 2020

In recent times, it appears that many Chinese companies have been at the hub of controversies. Obviously, Huawei’s issue with the U.S. is the most popular. However, TikTok is also one popular Chinese company that is currently at the center of controversies. Despite the controversies and accusations surrounding this company, it is still doing very well in the market. According to Sensor Tower statistics, TikTok (a short video making app) is the world’s most downloaded application (non-game) in May 2020. For May 2019, this app has about 111.9 million downloads. This is over twice the number of installs it got in May 2019.


According to statistics, the country with the most installed TikTok apps in May is India. Of the 111.9 million downloads, India accounts for over 20% of the total downloads. Despite several warnings from top U.S. officials, the United States still accounts for 9.3% of the total TikTok downloads. From the perspective of mobile phone systems, TikTok ranks first in Android downloads in May. However, for the iOS system, it ranks second, behind online meeting software, Zoom.

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TikTok ranks first on Android, second on iOS systems for May 2020

According to previously released data from Sensor Tower, in April this year, Douyin and other foreign versions of TikTok received more than $78 million in the global App Store and Google Play revenue. This financial figure is a 10-fold increase from April last year. In addition, the app also ranks as the champion of the global mobile application revenue list. For its revenue, 86.6% emanates from the Chinese market while 8.2% is from the US market.

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Furthermore, Sensor Tower report shows that in the four quarters of 2019 TikTok did exceptionally well. It ranks as the “the most downloaded apps in the world ” in all the quarters of 2019 except Q2 2019 where it drops to the top 4. In 2019, it was downloaded 700 million times, second only to Google’s social software, WhatsApp.

TikTok accused of unfair censorship

Recently, TikTok was heavily criticized for censoring black voices associated with the Black Life Matters hashtags. According to reports, the company is recommending algorithms involving the suppression of videos of black creators. TikTok has since apologized and it is now taking a series of actions to solve this problem. According to reports, TikTok will launch a “Creator Diversity Committee” to promote the recognition of multiculturalism and creativity. The company said it will also reassess its review strategy, establish a new “user-friendly” feedback program, and develop a new creator portal to expand communication between creators and provide it to a wider range of creators opportunity.

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