QCY T1C true wireless Bluetooth headset now on XiaomiYoupin for $7

In the fourth quarter of 2018, QCY T1, a Chinese wireless Bluetooth earbuds company started gaining popularity. Towards the end of 2018, it surprisingly entered the top six earbud companies globally. Since then, it has been quite consistent, and its position in the global market is even better. At the time, the price of its earbuds is $14. Now, the company is doing all it can to reduce the price of its devices.


The latest earbud from QCY which is the QCY T1C is actually half the price of its devices two years ago. The QCY T1C is currently on XaomiYouPin and it is selling for 49.9 yuan ($7). It supports automatic second connection, pop-up window matching, and APP custom settings.

The charging compartment also comes with a special design that has no cover. The earphones can be taken out and placed directly. It is more convenient to take out and pair directly. The earphones come with an ergonomic design which gives it a premium appearance.

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When the APP and mobile phone Bluetooth are on, the headset interface will automatically pop up after taking out the headset. Also, the mobile phone interface will automatically activate a pop-up window, and you can connect with a tap. This makes pairing easier. Through the exclusive APP, you can set the key language of the headset, cut song at any time, and choose your favorite music mode.

QCY T1C comes with a V5.0 chip, supports AAC/SBC high-definition audio coding, and has a built-in 6mm moving coil speaker unit. Furthermore, this headset uses a polyester film diaphragm. The sound effect is full and three-dimensional. Regardless of left and right, the main and auxiliary earphones, this device still work perfectly. In addition to the single-binaural mode, the two headphones can also be connected to different devices.

With the 380 mAh charging compartment, it can meet the extra time that you need. This device delivers a total of 20 hours of playtime. It can be more if the user is not consistent.

QC1 T1C supports binaural calls while using ENC noise reduction technology to make the other party hear more clearly. With 5.0 Bluetooth technology, both video and games have lower latency. In addition, this earbud also comes with a function key at the side. This key supports pause playback, previous song, next song, and three-click multi-function keys to wake up the voice assistant (Xiaoai classmate, Apple Siri, Xiaoou assistant). You can find this device on Xiaomi YouPin presently.

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  1. Meme Martinez
    June 13, 2020

    I want these, Chinese always better technology without price gauging like USA. I used to be anti china products but after opening my eyes to how USA deceiving tactics against their own people I kinda hate it lots of abusive giant corporations taking advantage of their own people.

  2. Meme Martinez
    June 13, 2020