Xiaomi foldable phone patent – front and rear cameras can be used simultaneously


Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, has been quite active in the smartphone market. In recent times, we have seen so many patent applications for a foldable smartphone from Xiaomi. However, the company does not have any foldable device in the market. Today, we have the latest foldable phone patent from Xiaomi. This time, the device has a design that allows the front and rear cameras to be used simultaneously.

Xiaomi foldable phone

Taking pictures is undoubtedly one of the main directions of the development of today’s smartphones. However, in the foldable smartphone segment, how to design the camera has also encountered great challenges. Recently, a new patent of Xiaomi has been approved and published by the State Intellectual Property Office, showing a new folding screen photo design.

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Xiaomi foldable phone

Another patent!!! when will we see a real Xiaomi foldable phone

According to the patent description, Xiaomi’s folding screen mobile phone adopts an internal screen design. At the same time, it has two rear cameras (14/15) and a front camera (13), all located at the edge of the screen. The top of (13) is left blank so that after the left and right screens are folded, the three cameras are arranged vertically in a row and are visible at the same time.

In this way, when the screen is unfolded, it is a standard single front camera and double rear camera device. However, in the folded state, you can let the three cameras face the user or back the user at the same time. You can choose to either use one or two cameras freely. All three cameras of the latter take selfies or photos, which has extremely high flexibility.

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However, this foldable smartphone does not come with an external display. Thus, it does not need any frame when it folds. At this time, how to determine the shooting state will be a problem, and there is no solution in the design picture. Of course, this is just a patent, an idea, it is difficult to say whether if it will ever hit the shelves.

As we have seen from its patents, Xiaomi seem to be investing a lot in foldable displays. It has shown a dual-folding screen and has also brought out a surround screen (Xiaomi MIX Alpha). However, the latter has been nothing more than lab work and has not hit the shelves. Earlier reports said that Xiaomi also purchased a large number of UTG (ultra-thin glass) displays. It is clear that Xiaomi is still developing a new folding screen mobile phone.

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