iPhone 12 May Come With No Charger And Headset In The Package

iPhone 12

According to a well-known analyst Guo Minghao, it is expected that the 2H20 new iPhone 12 will cancel the charger to reduce costs. Not only that, he also expected that the existing iPhone SE will cancel the charger in 2H20.

The analyst said that although the material cost (BOM) of the iPhone 12 has been increased significantly due to the support of 5G, it is believed that Apple’s goal is to maintain the price of the iPhone 12 similar to that of the iPhone 11. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to replicate the successful experience of the iPhone 11 sales. Guo Minghao said that he had predicted in previous reports that all iPhone 12 models will cancel the headset. To save costs, it is expected now that all iPhone 12 models will also cancel the charger.

iPhone 12 Pro

The original iPhone 2007 was equipped with a 5W charger. Since then, not much has been screwed into the charging technology – up to the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 Pro is the first model to include an 18W charging adapter. For the first time, it is also a USB-C adapter. That is why a USB-C to Lightning cable is also included in the box. However, this only applies to the iPhone 11 Pro. The normal iPhone 11 still comes with the classic 5W adapter.

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However, he also expects that the new 20W charger will be mass-produced in 3Q20. The appearance of the new 20W charger is similar to that of the 18W model. Suppliers will end the production of the existing 5W and 18W chargers before the end of 2020. It is predicted that none of the new iPhones will come with a charger in the future. The 20W charger is an optional accessory that Apple provides to iPhone users.

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What An Impact Will This Have On The iPhone 12 Sales?

In the previous report, Guo Minghao predicted that Apple will release new 10.8-inch and 8.5-inch iPad models in 2H20 and 1H21, respectively. Now, he predicts that the two new 10.8-inch and 8.5-inch iPad models mentioned above will be supplied with a 20W charger. Also, the existing iPad/iPad Air/iPad mini models will continue to be supplied with a 12W charger until the end of production.

The analyst believes that the chance of a wireless charging board included in the iPhone package in the future is not high. The cancellation of the charger will help the shipment of wireless charging accessories grow. At the same time, Guo Minghao believes that the cancellation of the iPhone 12’s wired headphones and chargers will have a limited impact on demand. Moreover, Android phones may follow this change in the future.

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