iPhone 12 Pro/ Pro Max Will Support 120Hz Refresh Rate Screen

iPhone 12 Pro

As Ice Universe tweets, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will use a display that can achieve a refresh rate of 120Hz. Thus, they will not only provide a smoother viewing experience but also compete with flagship Android smartphones.

iPhone 12 Pro

Apple’s iOS 14 system, which was just announced at WWDC, has shown evidence of a high-screen iPhone. Recently, Apple pushed the iOS 14 system to developers. Some users who upgraded the new system have feedback that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has options related to the screen refresh rate. In the settings-accessibility-dynamic effects options, you can lock the screen refresh rate at 60Hz. This move may mean that Apple is preparing for the iPhone 12 series to bring high-refresh-rate screen. The highest refresh rate of the current iPhone is 60Hz.

Prior to this, Apple has first adopted ProMotion variable refresh rate technology on the iPad Pro. And bringing it into the new OLED iPhone will further improve the performance standards of smartphones. This technology can dynamically adjust the refresh rate according to the content displayed on the screen to achieve smooth sliding, higher response speed, and also save battery life.

Variable refresh rate technology can also reduce the delay of the Apple Pencil. In this regard, an Apple analyst Guo Minghao once revealed that the iPhone may support Apple Pencil in the future.

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Apple is expected to release four iPhones this fall. They include one 5.4-inch, two 6.1-inch, and one 6.7-inch models. Rumors suggest that a 6.7-inch iPhone and a 6.1-inch model will be high-end devices equipped with three cameras, while the 5.4-inch model and another 6.1-inch model will be low-end iPhones equipped with dual cameras. Therefore, their prices will be much more affordable.

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Will These Features Affect Apple’s Stock Price?

Apart from this, some analysts recently predicted that 5G and the increasingly strong service business will be the two key factors for Apple’s further development. And they will also promote Apple’s stock price and market value.

In a report to investors, Daniel Ives said that Apple ‘has a lot of fuel in the fuel tank’. The first of these fuels is the upcoming iPhone 12 that supports the 5G network.

For the iPhone 12, Daniel Ives expects to release it in mid or late September. But they are still uncertain about the delivery time. Moreover, he also expects that some models will cost less than $1,000. Daniel Ives still believes that the iPhone 12 will bring a super update cycle. Of the 950 million iPhone users in the world, 350 million are expected to be upgraded in this upgrade window.

As for Apple’s service business, its revenue has continued to increase in recent fiscal quarters. In the second fiscal quarter of the fiscal year 2020 as of March 28, Apple’s service business revenue reached a record $13.348 billion. The proportion of revenue was increased to 22.89%. So the Apple analyst believes that the service business is increasing in importance. Their valuation range for the Apple service business is $600 billion to $650 billion.

He also raised the target price of Apple’s stock. The target price for the next 12 months was raised to $425 from the previously estimated $375. It’s claimed that Apple’s market value is expected to reach $2 trillion next year.

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