OnePlus Launcher finally gets Google Discover feed

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OnePlus seems to have finally sorted out the implementation of Google discover and OnePlus Shelf. With the latest update, the OnePlus’ launcher now offers a simple tap to toggle between them as opposed to the older swipe gesture.

v4.5.6 update: What’s new?

The new OnePlus Launcher v4.5.6 update, as spotted by 9to5Google, allows users to switch between Google Discover and OnePlus shelf with a single tap. From the video attached below, as we swipe left from the home screen, we get to a pane and by tapping on the toggle at the top right corner, we can easily switch between Google Discover and OnePlus Shelf.

The Change, although is as little as the button itself, is definitely refreshing compared to the older swipe down gestures that might trigger accidental mistouches. Also, it is appreciative of OnePlus taking its time to give the users to choose between both.

Google Discover is Google’s own feed that shows a scrollable list of topics as cards to the users. The content is generally based on the users’ interaction with Google products like Google Chrome, or the one they choose to follow.

OnePlus Shelf, on the other hand, is a nifty in-built feature exclusive to OnePlus smartphones running on Oxygen OS. On swiping left from Home, it presents users with easy-to-use apps like Notes, Toolbox, Step counter, recent contacts and more.

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Toggle is better than a swipe

If we recall, OnePlus brought back the OnePlus Shelf after abandoning it shortly since the launch of OnePlus 8 series, with the OnePlus launcher v4.5.4. While the new toggle is present from the recent update, 9to5Google has also said that it’s not sure if the toggle has replaced the older swipe down gesture completely or added as an alternative.


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That being said, the update itself seems to be a limited one as of yet. The report says that despite being on the latest version v4.5.6 update, the toggle doesn’t seem to appear on some of the OnePlus devices. This could mean that the feature is a server-side update and OnePlus might enable it for all users after testing it thoroughly.

OnePlus has been steadily working to present a clean user experience on Oxygen OS. The company launched a v4.4 update back in April which introduced a whole new app switcher mini icons at the bottom for accessing app settings and multi-window. With the latest update, it has made a fair choice by allowing users to toggle between its Shelf and Google’s discover.

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