Non-contact IR thermometer and more on sale from Aliexpress


Electronic gadgets and overally all the accessories and more or less everything are in huge supply on Aliexpress. It’s probably actually harder to find something than isn’t there than vice versa. But such choice can be overwhelming so it’s equally important to stumble upon the actually interesting item. Today we have two of those for you and both non-contact IR thermometer and portable engraving machine are up for grabs with great prices.

Let’s start with the non-contact digital infrared thermometer, because it’s an extremely handy tech gadget. You will start to appreciate it especially when dealing with kids, because all you have to do is just point to the forehead and read the result on the LCD screen. Not to mention you can also just like that take a temperature of various objects too if needed. The thermometer has a memory function, sound alarm and is powered by AAA batteries. Can be yours starting from $9.33, because there are various similar models for sale.

Then we will switch to something completely different with the portable laser engraving machine BX20. It’s a DIY build, but the assembly should be really quick and easy. So you can start carving your desired pictures and texts into wide variety of materials very soon. Ranging from wood and leather, through plastic and bamboo to rubber and PVC. With the high powered laser head you can also cut the approved materials up to 5 mm thickness. This handy tool can be yours for only $192.84, shipping either from China or Europe.

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