Huawei Ban: Major economies that have not banned Huawei 5G

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Since the beginning of last year, the American government has been imposing all sorts of bans on Huawei. It is not only banning the company, it is also persuading all its allies to do the same. Yesterday, the United Kingdom finally bowed to the pressure after it officially announced that it will stop purchasing new Huawei equipment from December 31, 2020. Furthermore, all Huawei’s equipment currently in the U.K. must be out by the end of 2027. According to reports, the US President acknowledged that “personal persuasion” has been used by countries to ban Huawei. These include the United Kingdom and other European countries.


Both the U.S. and U.K. are major economies thus it is a big loss for the Chinese manufacturer. However, there are many other European economies that are not joining the bandwagon, at least not yet. The likes of Australia and Canada are already on the same “bus” with the U.S. and U.K. However, here are some significant economies that have not banned Huawei


The German Ministry of Economic Affairs has since said that the country’s 5G construction will not exclude the Chinese manufacturer. The ministry recently reiterated that the German federal government’s choice of “flat and neutral technology and producers” will not exclude specific participants. In February of this year, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, withstood the pressure, and her party, the Democratic League, also opposed the exclusion of Huawei from Germany’s 5G network construction.

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France did not make its position clear. Guillaume Puppade, head of the national cybersecurity agency ANSSI, said: “France will not ban Huawei, but for operators who currently do not use Huawei equipment, we hope they will not choose.” He also said that the move “is not against the Huawei, nor is it anti-Chinese racism.”

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The Spanish National Intelligence Service confirmed the security of Huawei’s software in June, saying that Huawei’s equipment complies with relevant laws. Spanish telecommunications company, Telefónica, completely depends on the Chinese manufacturer in its 4G construction. This means that Telefónica will continue to use Huawei technology in its 5G core and also in its peripheral equipment.


Tele2, a leading Swedish telecommunications company, is using Huawei equipment to build a 5G network. Swedish Minister of Digital Development Anders Igman said: “We have been using Huawei equipment since 4G, and there have been no security issues.”


The major telecommunications operators, Vodafone and Eir, used Huawei’s technology when building 5G networks in Ireland. Although the United States has lobbied, the Irish government does not have a public opinion presently. This is interpreted as acquiescing Vodafone and Eir to continue to promote cooperation with Huawei.


In November last year, the Hungarian government stated that there was no evidence that Huawei’s equipment would pose a security threat. It also categorically stated that it would include Huawei in its 5G plan.

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  1. Marcus Li
    July 15, 2020

    The way this pans out will show whether racism is deeply ingrained in the EU and whether the EU are a bunch of cowards who fall in line to the bullying of the US.

  2. Kifakfia
    July 16, 2020

    Those countries are not “major economies” Thier market is extremely small compared to China’s market. Huawei Should focus on Asian/Middle east/Latin markets which are 10 times bigger than western markets…