Xiaomi 5G Phone With 120W Fast Charging Adapter Got 3C Certification

Xiaomi 120W fast charging

Before the epidemic, Xiaomi talked about a new charging technology that should exceed 100W power. As you understand, the battery capacity can’t change (at the moment). So to somehow solve the problem related to the frequently charging, the manufacturers have decided to bring another approach. Instead of increasing the battery capacity (that also increases the body thickness of smartphones) and offering various power saving technologies, they want to allow users to spent less time on charging their smartphones. That’s why a few major brands have introduced their own fast charging solutions. But again, Xiaomi was the first to talk about this. And today, we have got quite interesting piece of information.

Xiaomi Phone With 120W Fast Charging Adapter

It turns out a phone with a model M2007J1SC has passed 3C certification. The latter doesn’t tell anything worthy of attention. But when looking at the details of the certification document, we can see our protagonist will come with a 120W (20V, 6A MAX) charger. In other words, we are dealing with the first Xiaomi smartphone supporting 120W fast charging technology.

Xiaomi 120W fast charging

3C certification shows that the applicant and manufacturer of this Xiaomi 5G smartphone are Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd.; the production plant is Fuzhikang Precision Electronics (Langfang) Co., Ltd.; and the first certification date is July 13.

According to some Weibo bloggers, Xiaomi’s new flagship model M2007J1SC has been connected to the Internet and will be released around August. Plus, he proves that this phone will sport a high refresh rate screen.

As for the charger itself, it has got 3C certified long ago with the model of MDY-12-ED. The first certification date is June 28 and the manufacturer is Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd. The certification information shows that this power adapter supports a fast charging protocol of up to 120W (20V 6A) and is applicable to altitudes of 5000 meters and below.

Other Fast Charging Options

As a reference, a couple of days ago OPPO and VIVO have announce their fast charging technologies. But if VIVO demonstrated how it works, we will learn more about the OPPO technologies in a few days. In this regard, we can say that at least three China-based first-tier smartphone makers have already completed works of their fast charging solutions. And they will become available for final users in a month or two. This could bring a lot of benefits in terms of brand recognition. So other top brands such as Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and Huawei should do something to fix the situation.

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