Xiaomi 5G phones are half the price of Samsung and LG in South Korea

LG Velvet

The entire world needs technology. Without technology, many things we do within seconds now will take hours. Many people appreciate the Chinese because China opened our eyes by making us to know that technology can be cheap. Before the advent of Chinese technology, American, South Korean, and even Japanese technology were scaringly expensive. Only the rich could afford them. Remove China from the equation, that is what would have been happening with 5G presently. A good illustration of this is what Chinese company, Xiaomi, recently did in South Korea.

Xiaomi Mi 10
Xiaomi Mi 9
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According to reports, Xiaomi recently released a new 5G smartphone Mi 10 Lite 5G in South Korea. Interestingly, this smartphone comes with a price tag which is half the price of similar products from Samsung and LG. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G will certainly attract consumers whose pockets are not so deep.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G sells for 50% of the LG Velvet price

In a video conference with Korean reporters on Thursday, Xiaomi executives said that the phone’s “hardware and software specifications are the same as LG’s latest Velvet smartphone, but the price is 50% lower”. LG Velvet in South Korea cost about 900,000 won ($747). However, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G is only selling for 451,000 won ($374). Xiaomi executives added that this product “will be attractive to Korean consumers, who have high expectations for this product, but are also looking for cost-effectiveness.”

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Xiaomi is selling mobile phones through South Korean online shopping malls. These e-commerce channels include 11th Street, Naver Smart Store, Coupang, as well as SK Telecom’s online channels. Unfortunately, this smartphone is not available in physical stores.

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However, LG Electronics did not seem to feel threatened. The company said that due to the lack of after-sales service, it is difficult for Chinese smartphones to become popular in South Korea. According to reports, Xiaomi only has 32 after-sales service shops for smartphones in South Korea. It also has a cooperative relationship with SK Network. Obviously, this is not enough to cover the entire country. 

Some people avoid Chinese technology for multiple reasons. Many believe that Chinese technology is inferior or lacks quality. Most recently, a few people believe that Chinese tech comes with backdoors for spying activities. In all, Chinese technology is still thriving because it is cheap. If you don’t have enough money to buy American or South Korean technology, this does not mean that you do not need the technology. In fact, quality is no longer an issue because technology evolves too fast these days. Presently, it takes months for new tech to hit the road. A smartphone can quickly become obsolete because of high technological advancement. This means that you buy a smartphone for only a year or two before you start craving what a new flagship has.

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