Huawei releases a new 5G AR enterprise router: super uplink, all SD-WAN support

Huawei recently announced a new generation of 5G AR (NetEngine AR Series) enterprise routers. These devices provide powerful 5G uplink capabilities and SD-WAN support across the entire range. It seamlessly meets the needs of the enterprise branch WAN bandwidth explosion.

Huawei 5G AR enterprise router

The 5G AR router is equipped with the Balong 5000 chip and supports Huawei’s 5G super uplink black technology, which greatly increases the 5G transmission rate and reduces the air interface delay. The 5G Super Uplink is the first time-frequency combination technology for wireless communications, which can increase the uplink rate of 5G users by 20-50%, and meet the large uplink bandwidth requirements of various industries such as smart banking, telemedicine, and smart factories. 5G AR not only supports 5G networks, it can also achieve 3G/4G/5G full Netcom.

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The SD-WAN uses a software-defined network method and comprehensively utilizes technology such as application identification, intelligent dynamic routing, QoS, and wide-area optimization to optimize the application experience of the enterprise’s substantive business layer and solve the application of enterprise wide-area interconnection.

Huawei 5G AR enterprise router does not need a professional configuration

The full range of Huawei 5G AR supports SD-WAN. Through real-time monitoring of network quality, and based on the application’s SLA quality requirements on multiple wide-area links with different network quality, it dynamically and automatically selects those that meet the application SLA quality requirements. It chooses a fast network path while taking into account the overall efficiency of the wide-area network. Furthermore, it implements a variety of routing methods using link quality routing, load balancing routing, and application priority routing. This is to ensure that there is a high-quality transmission of critical applications at all times.

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5G naturally has the advantage of free wiring. Huawei 5G AR equipment also supports plug-and-play. Without a professional configuration, a SIM can quickly access the network. According to various industry scenarios, you can select bandwidth priority, experience priority, and other network intentions. The system automatically recommends networking, routing, optimization, and security strategies. It takes only about five minutes to complete the entire configuration process. Network-wide strategy simulation, intelligent verification, and configuration problems if any are found in advance before the configuration is issued. This is to avoid network failure and it reduces the configuration error rate by 80%. This further ensures business stability, which is what most people crave for today.

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