Nubia Watch With Flexible OLED Display Officially Uncovered

Nubia Watch

Today, just a couple of hours ago, Nubia held a new product launch conference. Apart from the much anticipated Red Magic 5s gaming smartphone, it also released a number of other products. Among them, we can mention the Red Magic WiFi6 gaming router, the Red Magic 120W Deuterium Front GaN Charger, the Red Magic TWS gaming Bluetooth headset, and the Red Magic Ice Wind Cooling Box. But as you see, this is a gaming set. And what about a ‘pure’ Nubia product? Yes, there is such a product, and it’s the Nubia Watch.

Nubia Watch Features

The Nubia Watch is priced at 1799 yuan ($257). It seems to be much for a smartwatch. But we are not dealing with a regular smartwatch. This device has a very futuristic look and options. Let’s get acquainted with its biggest highlights.

The Nubia Watch sports a 4.01-inch flexible AMOLED screen. It’s a standalone smartwatch, which means you can make calls without pairing with a smartphone. But it comes with an eSIM support. Apart from this, there are various sports and health detection functions. Plus, it supports Alipay mobile payment.

The body of the Nubia Watch is made of multiple materials and processes. Particularly, it adopts a customized ceramics and 316L stainless steel.

Officially, this watch is equipped with a customized exclusive system.

In terms of battery life, the Nubia Watch has a battery-saving mode, which lasts 6.5 days. But if using heavily, it will last for 36 hours.

Nubia Watch

This watch comes in 3 colors. The picture above is the armor green color. We can see from the picture that the design of the Nubia Watch flexible OLED display has the shadow of the Nubia Alpha.

The pre-sale is already open, and it will go on sale on August 5.

Nubia Alpha

By the way, the Nubian α is a foldable smartphone and a wearable. According to the official introduction, Nubia cooperates with Visionox to produce this beauty. After repeated experiments, it finally overcomes the reliability of bonding between the 11 layers of flexible screen bending. The extremely complex technical problem of allowing the displacement between the 11 layers to achieve bending is to jointly develop the first mass-produced 4-inch flexible screen and use it on the Nubian α.

Not only that, the Nubia α is the first of its kind and it comes with a PI protective layer, making the flexible screen surface more scratch-resistant and more reliable. It sports a Qualcomm processor and its 4.01 OLED display has a 960×192 resolution.

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