Windows 10 turns 5 years old with over one billion user

Windows 10

On July 29, 2020, Windows 10 turned 5 years old. This operating system was released in mid-2015 and was offered as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Using this trick, Microsoft hoped to very quickly increase the number of active users of the new OS at that time – up to 1 billion in 2-3 years! But, it did not work out. Microsoft reached the coveted billion only this year.

Windows 10 turns 5 years old with over one billion user

Microsoft also failed with the voice assistant Cortana. Moving from the already forgotten Windows Phone mobile platform, it was supposed to seriously compete with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. In fact, the system did not take root on the PC platform, including due to Microsoft’s too zealous attempts to impose it on users, for example, by adding Cortana to the Start menu search bar.

But with the Edge browser, everything is not so bad. After switching to the Chromium engine, it really began to gain popularity, albeit slowly.

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With Windows 10 updates, everything is also somehow not good. As an example of the October 2018 update is fresh in mind, the distribution of which even had to be stopped due to the large number of bugs and problems that it caused. The current May one did not go smoothly either. In general, Microsoft is going to change its strategy and update Windows 10 not twice a year, but only once. It is hoped that such updates will be tested more thoroughly, and the problems caused by their installation will decrease.

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As for Windows 11, Microsoft will just keep updating Windows 10 all the time. So the current OS will clearly live to see its decade. Well, next year Microsoft should release Windows 10X – a version designed specifically for laptops and mobile computers with two screens. But is it going to be a hit? We will see.

Windows 10 will be changed to one feature update per year

According to the source, Microsoft is preparing to change its strategy for updating Windows 10. Instead of two major updates, which are traditionally divided into spring and autumn, there will be only one. The main reason for the change from the previous approach is the release of resources that will be devoted to the development of Windows 10X. This OS, adapted specifically for mobile PCs (including those with two displays), is due out in the spring of 2021.

Moving from two updates a year to one is a major change in strategy. On the one hand, this approach will not allow introducing new features as quickly as it is happening now. On the other hand, developers will have more time to debug and test. This means that there will be fewer bugs in Windows 10.

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