PS5 DualSense controller leak shows better battery life

ps5 dualsense


Sony unveiled its next-gen PS5 console nearly after 7 years of PlayStation 4 debut in 2013, with improved overall design, performance and revamped DualSense controller. Shortly after getting teased, the DualSense controller is back in the news. And if the leaks are true, the new controller will have substantially improved battery life compared to the predecessor.

The latest leak comes from a Reddit user named viper_on_fire. As reported by Gamerrant first, he has reportedly caught hold of the DualSense controller and claimed that it would give a battery life 3 to 4 hours more than the DualShock 4.

However, the post was deleted quickly but it has been reshared by another user named blursedpersona on PS5 subreddit along with the deleted video. The post as said by viper_on_fire says that the touchpad is more clicky, L2 and R2 buttons are more tactile with resistance than before.

PS5 DualSense controller: What has improved?

Further, he added that the L1 and R1 felt more like triggers whereas the D-Pad and main buttons were similar to the ones on the predecessor. While the user didn’t try the haptic feedback and microphone, he did say that the new DualSense controller won’t support PSVR due to the absence of a light bar.

Apart from this, the user said controller felt less bulky, comfortable to hold which is already evident from teasers and has a dimmer light strip in the middle compared to DualShock 4. All these information are difficult to reject as a false rumour because the official teaser shows a larger body, with no rear strip lighting, slightly larger touchpad.

Improved battery life: A sign of relief

That said, if the claims are true, PS5 users will get a big surge of 3-4hours more battery life on the new controller. The predecessor, however, lasted less than 8 hours. Moreover, many users pointed to a brighter light strip on front and rear could be the reason for it.

Sony unveiled the DualSense controller in an official video back in June with revamped white&black scheme, adaptive shoulder buttons with haptic feedback, built-in mic and a create button. But not much was available about the features and with new leaks, users can rest assured of improved gaming experience when the console launches later this year.

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