Baidu Search and Weibo banned in India – taken off the App Stores

The clampdown on Chinese apps by the Indian government is far from over. China and India presently have a dirty border dispute. While the Chinese government is not taking the ban route, the Indian government is banning Chinese apps. Just like the U.S., the Indian government cited national security to ban 59 Chinese apps some weeks ago. Now, “The Times of India” reports that the Indian government has asked Google and Apple’s app stores to expunge Baidu Search and Weibo.

According to internal sources, Indian Internet service providers have also been required to ban the two apps. The report claims that these apps are in another 47 Chinese apps on a ban list. However, this list has not been officially announced. Nevertheless, it appears that Baidu Search and Weibo really needs to go early. There are also reports that India is considering banning more Chinese apps. 

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The Indian government began to take banning actions on Chinese apps in June this year. The first list of 59 banned Chinese apps includes popular apps such as TikTok, UC browser, and WeChat. According to previous news from the Indian media, the Indian government recently listed 47 apps in the relevant local market and imposed mandatory removals of these apps. Nevertheless, Indian officials did not announce a detailed list of these apps.

Baidu Search and Weibo now off India after TikTok and others

The China – India border dispute has nothing to do with technology. Thus, we do not say much about it. However, India’s reaction to the dispute focuses on technology. There is currently a clampdown on Chinese companies by the Indian government. With a population of over a billion people, the Indian market is not something to ignore. This is the power that the Indian government is employing to hurt Chinese companies.

Unfortunately, India’s action is hurting Chinese companies that may not have anything to do with the government. We are yet to see any significant retaliation from the Chinese. At least we have not heard of any related to technology.

With this latest development, Chinese companies may suffer huge losses. First, they will have to cope with multiple bans from the United States. Now, there are fighting another battle with India. Presently, popular Chinese short video app, TikTok is about to lose its U.S business to an American company. The U.S. president, Donald Trump, is pretty clear on this. If TikTok does not sell its U.S arm, the government will ban the app.

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  1. freedomstolen
    August 5, 2020

    It’s time to reign in Chinese aggression. How many territories (Tibet) they have gobbled and are continuing at it (Taiwan, nibbling away historically into India’s borders, Bhutan). CCP’s greed is only surpassed by its aggression arrogance.

    They cannot have good relations with any of their neighbours.