Handy car headrest tablet mount discounted on Lululook

tablet mount

Long car rides can quickly get pretty tiresome and boring for the passengers, especially when you are for example travelling with children. So it’s of utmost importance to keep them occupied, because restless kids on long trip can really quickly turn into a doom squad. Easiest way to deal with that is through modern technology, ideally just putting on some movies. And with that can surely help the handy car headrest universal tablet mount, available for a good price on the Lululook e-shop.

This universal tablet mount is designed for the back seat of a car and thanks to the stretchable design it can accomodate more or less any tablet on the market. In fact it would do a good job even holding vast majority of the phones too, because the smallest supported form is 5-inch display. Made from combination of aluminum alloy and ABS materials it’s pretty light and the black color of course is fitting any car seat. There are also reserved charging holes on the sides for convenient charging of the device just in case.

And such handy accessory is not expensive at all, which is another welcome bonus. You can find it on the Lululook e-shop currently priced only at $25.99. So if you need to make sure  about the possibility of entertaining your passengers on long card rides, this one will certainly do the trick.

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