Few more handy IR thermometers from Aliexpress

IR thermometer

Sometimes it almost looks like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic hassle is never going to end. But we must stay optimistic, because eventually we will prevail like always. But until that it’s much better to be prepared for all the outcomes and the modern technology can surely help with that. Like the IR contactless thermometers, because monitoring your temperature is very important not just these days. And today we have for you few more interesting models from Aliexpress.

First one is really a small portable one, shaped almost like a slightly thicker pen. Weighing only 29g too, so you can easily just put it in your bag or purse and carry it around every day. But it’s still a very capable digital IR thermometer with LCD display, 30 temperature memory readings stored and 3 different modes available – body, surface, room. Temperatures of course in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and whole gadget powered by just one small AAA battery. And priced only at $10.98.

Then we have the slightly bigger Infrared Temperature Gun Non Contact Gun models. But that also means bigger and better visible LCD display. All of these IR thermometers with mostly the same features and differences mainly in the design. So check out the whole pack of them and choose the most appropriate one for your needs and design tastes. Starting at just $8.16 so really nothing expensive at all.

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