Updated CHUWI UBook X gets a performance test

UBook X

Newly released 2-in-1 tablet CHUWI UBook X is building on the strong foundations of the original UBook models. Just like them it has the U-shaped bracket, but on top of that it now brings the 12-inch 2K resolution IPS screen. And with the 3:2 aspect ratio you are getting a better experience for both office and entertainment uses. Today we have for you a closer look at the actual performance of this model, but first let’s get down to the list of the main specs.

  • 12-inch 2K resolution IPS screen
  • 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Intel N4100 low power processor
  • UHD 600 graphics 
  • 256 GB high speed SSD disk
  • Full featured USB Type-C port

Performance test

UBook X can reach score like Single Thread: 169.1;Multi Thread: 563.1 in CPU-Z. N4100 processor adopts 4-core 4-thread design and its turbo frequency is up to 2.4GHz.

Then in GeekBench 4 UBook X can get the final results as follows,  Single Core: 1778; Multi Core: 5071; OpenCL:9939. And in Cinebench R15 it gets  CPU: 167cb; CPU Single: 68cb.

The last test is the AS SSD Benchmark and the final grades are reading speed: 492.47 MB/s; writing speed: 446.37 MB/s. SSD drive speed for UBook X apparently looks quite fast so you won’t be waiting for opening and loading of software.

Actual usage experience

First let’s take a look at the visual experience With 3:2 aspect ratio, UBook X can show more content while reading documents or PPT presentations. And 2K resolution provides much clearer text and pictures in comparison to the typical FHD screen.

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The featured UHD 600 graphics in UBook X is also capable of hard decoding 4K UHD video without lag, so your video experience won’t be hindered at all.

Even the big 1GB PSD Photoshop file is not a problem for the tablet, thanks to the solid processor and mainly the speedy SSD drive.

CHUWI UBook X is clearly a very interesting 2-in-1 tablet with great specs, while keeping the 12-inch body portable and light. It can easily become your daily companion for all your endevours. And all the tests support that. So let’s take a look at the official product and detail page on CHUWI’s website, because it’s currently discounted only to $459 packaged with the H6 stylus.

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  1. JDC Amane
    August 12, 2020

    I prefer uBook pro, m3-8100y.