In 3-4 Years, Apple Watch Models Will Use Micro-LED Screens

Apple Watch Micro-LED

It is expected that this year’s Apple Watch Series 6 will use OLED screens like previous models. Even if so, the future models may use quite another type of screen. Some sources claim that the future Apple Watch model may become the first Apple product to use Micro-LED display technology. This doesn’t mean that the next-gen Apple smartwatches will come with this technology. Probably, we may have to wait 3-4 years.

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Recently, Lee Biing-jye, chairman of Epistar, the largest LED manufacturer in Taiwan, said that smartwatches will become the first major applications of Micro-LED. But the time for mass adoption may be 3-4 years. From this statement, we can also assume that not only the Apple Watch but other top-end smartwatches will use this technology.

Apple Watch Micro-LED

It turns out Epistar has overcome many technical difficulties of Micro-LED. It hopes to achieve reliable production capacity within 2-3 years, and introduce it to the market for application within 3-4 years.

Apple is investing $330 million in a Micro-LED factory in Taiwan to produce displays for future iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and other devices. The Taiwanese LCD panel manufacturer AUO provides glass substrates for displays. Now, Epistar is focusing on improving the yield of Micro-LED epitaxy and reducing mass transfer costs.

Micro-LED Advantages

Compared with LCD and OLED displays, these screens have several advantages. However, the biggest advantages are the thinner body and more energy efficiency. For example, the power consumption of a Micro-LED screen is only one-tenth of that of an LCD. At the same time, the color saturation is close to that of an OLED.

In addition, Micro LED can support higher brightness, higher dynamic range and wider color gamut, while also achieving faster update rates, wider viewing angles and lower power consumption.

Due to the difficulties involved in the development of Micro-LED technology, it is expected that early designs will rely on mini-LEDs that are between traditional LED and Micro LED technology. However, according to previous reports, Apple still believes that Micro-LED technology is a ‘top priority’.

Note: Since 2017, Apple has been testing a prototype ‘Apple Watch’ model with a Micro-LED display.

Apple was the first to adopt new screen technology in the Apple Watch. When it was out in 2014, the Apple Watch came with OLED screens. Three years later, the technology was ported to the iPhone X.

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