SwiftKey keyboard gets a cursor for navigating text on Android

Many fans of the SwiftKey mobile keyboard consider it to be the best. But for a long time, it had an important disadvantage compared to the Google keyboard: no swipe cursor control. This has been the case until today. Because now the app developers have made the long-awaited feature available for all Android devices.

SwiftKey keyboard gets a cursor for navigating text on Android

Moreover, unlike the aforementioned Google solution, the implemented cursor control gesture works not only on the narrow strip of the “space” button. But on the entire surface of the keyboard – you just need to hold your finger on the space bar for a short time and then start dragging.

Moreover, the iOS version of SwiftKey has been offering this feature for five years – since the introduction of the ability to install third-party keyboards on Apple devices. At the moment, the function only works in the beta version of the Microsoft SwiftKey Beta v7.6.2.4 keyboard, which is publicly available in the Google Play store.

SwiftKey becomes Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard and adds new features

Back in May, four years after the acquisition of SwiftKey, Microsoft added its name to the popular keyboard app for the first time. In addition, the company added support for Emoji 12.0.

SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. While many fans of the app feared major changes from Microsoft, the application has remained almost the same until Microsoft renaming of the beta version of SwiftKey to Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. In addition, the app gets support for Emoji 12.0. The new taskbar has remained unchanged.

This name change is, after a number of smaller changes in the settings, the largest change that Microsoft makes in terms of recognizability in the keyboard app. The name change is not yet visible in the Play Store, but in the app itself. Although there is still in Beta, the new name can be seen in most places in the app.

Emoji 12.0 brings new emojis to Android users such as mixed-skin couples, hearing aids, guide dogs, prosthetic or robotic arms and much more.

In the description in the Play Store, Microsoft reassures users by indicating that the name has been changed. But that SwiftKey is still the same keyboard “you know and love.” We hope that the company keeps its promise and does not pull the plug over time as it did with Sunrise Calendar.

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