Bye to SMS, 5G messages now available in some Xiaomi phones

from 2G to 5G

The smartphone industry is consistently developing and different segments get upgraded from time to time. Some months ago, there were information that the native SMS feature will be replaced by a more sophisticated 5G Messages. According to recent reports, the option of 5G messages is now available in the text messages section of some Xiaomi phones. If users activate this option, it will inform the users that text messages will arrive via WLAN or mobile networks by default.

According to reports, the 5G messaging service is an upgrade of the native basic Short Message Service (SMS). For individual users, “5G Messages” will break the length limit of each message in traditional SMS. It also supports multiple media formats, including text, pictures, audio, video, emoticons, and contacts. Support online messages and offline messages, and can provide users with message status reports and history management.

5g messages

5G messages offer much more than SMS

Irrespective of the length or size of the multimedia, 5G messages will handle it. It can also interact with service providers through chat robots directly in the SMS interface. Users can use this feature to sort out services such as buying tickets, checking logistics, paying fees, etc. You can easily communicate with others in the SMS interface after opening 5G messages.

In addition, “5G Messages” brings a brand-new human-computer interaction mode. In this window, users can complete a one-stop service experience such as service search, discovery, interaction, and payments.

According to the information we have, 5G messages will be automatically active by default if the phone is compatible with the feature. However, if it is not active, you can activate it through the settings in the SMS interface. Please note that your network connection has to be under the 4G/5G network for this new messaging feature to work. 

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The 5G message switch has different names according to the brand and model of the mobile phone. Unfortunately, the report does not mention the Xiaomi models that already have this feature. If you have the latest update, do well to check your update settings and let us know if you have this feature. 

Back in April, representatives from 11 companies including Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi were part of the online event that focused on this feature. Other companies include Vivo, OPPO, ZTE, Samsung, Lenovo, and Meizu. These companies were all positive with the follow-up of this new messaging feature. At the time, they said that it will be commercialized in June 2020.

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