Huawei: Our existing phones will still get Android and GMS updates

Huawei EMUI 11

A couple of days ago, a bomb has been dropped in the hands of Huawei fans. The company’s general license deal expired, meaning that the Behemoth may not be able to provide users with any future Android updates. Another consequence of the US ban that prohibited the company from using US-based hardware or software. Of course, this fall as a bomb for Huawei owners, after all, imagine buying a smartphone in 2020, a costly one, and not getting any update at all? Huawei Mobile Twitter account stepped in, to clarify some things and tell Huawei customers that they not need to be concerned.

Huawei Nova 5T está recebendo a atualização para a EMUI 10 no Brasil

A concerned Huawei Nova 5T owner asked whether his device would still be eligible for Android and GMS updates in the future. Huawei then assured that all existing Android smartphones will not be affected by the license deal expiration. Moreover, the statement from the company confirmed that future software updates and security patches will keep coming for Huawei owners.

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“Hi there, thank you for your message. There is no impact on existing devices. We will continue to share security and software updates to our devices, as we always have. If you have any questions, please let us know via DM.”

Unfortunately, that’s all information we currently have regarding the company’s future updates. There is still no official statement coming from the US Commerce Department on a potential renewal of the license. Although the company’s tweet suggests this, we still need to wait for an official confirmation.

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The fight between the US and Huawei is escalating by the days. However, this becomes a problem one time that affects some costumers. Some owners of Huawei smartphones, now are forced to replace their existing equipment in order to keep receiving future security and software updates. This is not an easy task these days. Especially with all the casualties generated by the ongoing pandemic.

Apart from the problem with the software, Huawei needs to run and find hardware alternatives to keep pushing competitive smartphones. Another of US ban casualties was the company’s Kirin chipset division. In the coming months, we’ll see the last Kirin 1000 chipset running inside of the Huawei Mate 40 series. The company will partner with other chipmakers to ensure more smartphones in the future, but the question is, for how many times the United States government will allow this?

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