Realme reveals some of its unreleased phones

Realme smartphones carried some of the most characteristic designs in the market. The company was some of the first firms to bring mainstream concepts to the low-end and mid-range segment. The company adopted a design language and has been sticking with it until now as their recently released Realme V5, C13 is showing another change in the company’s design strategy. Realme always brought a lot of interesting phones and colorways, but how about the devices that never saw the light of day? Before releasing a smartphone, it’s common that an OEM tries and experiment with multiple prototypes. In the end, a company may drop one, or two concepts before finding the ideal choice. Realme is no exception.

Today, Madhav Sheth, the company’s Indian CEO shared images revealing some of the prototype phones that never saw the light of day. The images reveal interesting design choices and colorways that never reached the final stage.

Realme box of unreleased designs reveals interesting concepts

As you can see Realme played with several design concepts and camera housing design and placement. Some of them are pretty familiar while others are unique. We can see a circular camera housing, a truly-rectangular one aligned in the center and there’s even an LG-esque horizontal design. We can see some unique gradients with stripes, dual-tone backs, and even a weirdly-looking and quite unique yellow smartphone.

The company was playing with diamond-like gradients and even a curious design featuring vertical colored bands that start at the bottom and go all the way to the top. There’s an unreleased phone featuring a green predominant color and horizontal bands in Blue and Gold colors. While another one has a Silver finish and Navy bands. This design is quite unique, but it could end up being a weird choice for fans of traditional designs.

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There’s a smartphone back that looks like that of the Redmi Note 9 Pro and another one that could easily pass as a Redmi K30 Pro.

The yellowish gradient probably would be unique in this industry, but once again, it would be a matter of taste.

Worth noting that Realme isn’t the first company to share images of prototype designs. In the past, we saw companies like OnePlus sharing discarded prototypes. The move seems to be a way to share with fans what is going on behind the curtains when designing a phone. It may also be a way to see what of these discarded designs could be revived.

So, which one of these prototypes would be unique for you?

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