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Google is still trying to make Chrome a more economical browser for your Android device. The application will extinguish tabs that you do not use in the background.

The company has released an update for the beta version of Chrome that reduces the activity of tabs that have been sitting in the background for too long. Not only does this move provide more processing power and storage for the tabs you use, it also promises to improve the overall battery life of your smartphone and optimize the use of RAM. So far, this feature is only available for Android devices and Chromebooks.

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This update is part of a major Google redesign for Chrome. Android users also gained the ability to share links via QR codes and the ability to switch to open tabs by searching for them in the address bar.

In turn, the PC browser received a noticeable update that increased the loading speed of tabs by up to 10%. The developers also added the ability to collapse entire groups of tabs.

The background tab reduction feature should reach the stable version of Chrome within a couple of weeks. But you can try it now – it can be very important for people who store a million tabs on a permanent basis. Obviously, for this, you have to download the beta version from the Play Store.

Google Chrome 84 is now available with a long list of new features

Earlier last month, Google rolled out a new 84th version of Chrome. The list of changes may seem boring, but in fact we are waiting for a lot of important innovations. Of course, everything will depend on how quickly the sites begin to respond to this update, but, in theory, Internet websites will become faster and less annoying. All thanks to the improved work with Cookies.

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Google has announced the introduction of a new SameSite Cookies policy, which should speed up page loading and improve security. Initially, Google decided to give website developers time to switch to the new standard, but no one was in a hurry. Google got tired of waiting and started rolling out the update themselves. Of course, because of this, some sites will not work very well so far, but with the consecutive updates, things will get better.

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Version 84 will also bring an important feature – now many sites will cease to get you eternal reminders to connect notifications. Back in January, Google talked about the fact that now all notifications and permissions will be disabled by default, and you yourself will be free to enable them or not.

Web applications will also receive many improvements. There is support for shortcuts for application icons that Google and Microsoft have been working on, so web application icons will work like Android.

And now you can make the screen remain on, right through the web pages while you need it, like on a smartphone. For example, if you read a book online, then you do not have to constantly pull the mouse. All this and much more is available in the new version of Chrome, which is now available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

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