Huawei Developing Its Own OLED Driver Chips


It is said that Huawei’s smartphone OLED driver chips are currently in the tape out stage. Huawei’s flagship phones may not sport these self-developed OLED driver chips this year and next. But they are accelerating the speed of their own products/smartphone components.

According to the supply chain information, the chip testing machine purchased by Huawei is in place, and it is expected to start mass production of driver ICs in 2020 to increase self-sufficiency and reduce the impact of existing supply chains such as Novatek and Duntech.

Huawei's automatic disassembly platform

As for why Huawei wants to enter the OLED driver chip industry, in addition to strengthening the self-sufficiency rate of important chips, it still has to create the characteristics of its own products.

Industry insiders bluntly say that Huawei is sanctioned by the United States. Also, TSMC will not be able to produce Kirin chips for Huawei HiSilicon after September 15. Huawei’s high-end smartphones P series and Mate series can only use chips designed and produced by other manufacturers. It has opened a gap with competitors such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and VIVO. So their entry into the OLED driver chip may be to improve the design and display effect of smartphones. We mean with this move, it can improve the differentiation competitiveness of flagship phones.

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At present, Huawei HiSilicon has a display technology R&D team of hundreds of people. They can continuously improve the appearance design and display performance of Huawei smartphone screens to ensure product quality. And it is undeniable that after entering the OLED driver chip, Huawei smartphone screens will have better performance.

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US Restrictions Make Huawei Stronger

Trump’s administration has restricted American companies to supply any kind of products to Huawei. This will start working on September 15. In other words, this simply means Huawei can use neither hardware nor software produced in the US. Well, talking more clearly, the Huawei smartphones can’t run on Android and use chips produced by TSMC. These two are the core components of any smartphone. So with this move, the US wants to break Huawei’s wings. But Huawei is not TikTok. It is the world’s second smartphone maker. So the company has the power to revise its strategy and re-build a new business model.

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We already know it has developed its own operating system. The only reason why Harmony OS is not on the Huawei smartphones is the poor app market. This company has been using its own mobile services on the phones. The Kirin chips will be completely manufactured using non-American components. And this list is very long. So as many think, US’ restrictions only accelerate Huawei’s progress.

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  1. Prof. Richard O. Ocaya
    August 28, 2020

    Wow, that’s quite a career history. Thanks for your candid personal account. I agree whole heartedly that Trump’s policies will actually make Huawei, and others, a lot stronger. Being in science myself, I can only point out that some great science is coming from outside the US, or being driven by talents originating from outside the US.