Apple removes Epic Games account from the App Store

Epic Games Fortnite

The war between Epic and Apple has only just begun. A few hours ago, it took another step up. Apple deleted the developer account of the studio to which we owe Fortnite.

It seems that the situation between Apple and Epic has deteriorated further. Apple has just officially terminated the developer account of the Epic studio. This means that if you’ve downloaded any game from the studio in the past but deleted it from your iPhone or iPad, you can’t reinstall it.

Apple removes Epic Games account from the App Store

In a terse statement released by Apple, we read the following: “We are disappointed that we have had to terminate the Epic Games account on the App Store. We have worked with the team at Epic Games for many years on their launches and releases. The court recommended that Epic comply with the App Store guidelines while their case moves forward, guidelines they’ve followed for the past decade until they created this situation. Epic has refused. Instead they repeatedly submit Fortnite updates designed to violate the guidelines of the App Store. This is not fair to all other developers on the App Store and is putting customers in the middle of their fight. We hope that we can work together again in the future, but unfortunately that is not possible today.”


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Apple had warned that such action would be taken. The Cupertino company had declared that it would be more than happy to re-authorize Fortnite on the App Store if Epic wants to respect the rules of the App Store but it seems that the studio has decided to stick to its positions. The situation is far from being resolved and it is very difficult today to know who will win the case. To be continued!

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Apple reached the $ 2 trillion mark despite declining iPhone sales

Apple surpassed the $2 trillion mark recently. Apple’s stock price briefly rose to $467.77. With these record numbers, Apple became the first company to cross this milestone.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the year for the company can clearly be called a successful one. After a 15% decline in iPhone sales during the 2019 New Year holidays, the company was able to get out of the crisis a little bit.

In July, the company reported a well-closed second quarter with $59.7 billion in revenues and strong growth in product and service sales. Apple attributed the strong performance to customers moving to work from home and the associated high online store sales. The company also quickly adapted to online sales when it had to close outlets.

By the way, Apple also became the first American company to surpass the $1 trillion market mark in 2018. It took only two years to double its value. To date, the company’s shares are up 60%. Interestingly, investors no longer see Apple as a device manufacturer, but rather as a software company.

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