Xiaomi adds the ability to measure heart rate using its phones’ camera

Mi Health

In July last year, Xiaomi introduced a new health-tracking app called Mi Health. At launch, the app was pretty simple and included just a couple of features. Including step counting, sleep monitoring, and menstrual cycle tracking. Now, with the arrival of MIUI 12, Xiaomi has introduced a couple of new features. It include a more accurate step counter and new sleep tracking features. Now Xiaomi is adding the ability to check your heart rate using your smartphone’s camera.

To use this feature, you will need to open a new section “Pulse” in the application. Thenclick on the button in the lower right corner. On the next screen, you will be prompted with your finger to completely cover the camera and flash. As soon as you do this, your device will begin to measure the pulse, and you will have to hold your finger in one position until the scale reaches 100%.

Upon completion of the work, the application will ask you to select the type of displayed statistics in a pop-up window. The window will include three options – General Condition, Resting-State, and After Exercise. You will need to select one of three options based on your current condition and click the View Report button in the pop-up window to see your current heart rate. The test report will include your heart rate and an illustration showing whether the pulse is slow, normal, or fast.

The new feature will be added in version 2.7.4 of the Mi Health app. Most users should get this update in the coming days.

MIUI 12 now allow you to easily recognize the text of the photo album

MIUI 12 has a new and very useful Optical Character Recognition feature on ordinary photos and documents. With its help, it is easy to translate the text on the image into an editable format. You can do this with the help of third-party programs. But MIUI 12 will allow you to do this on its own, which is much more convenient for users.

According to the source, the function requires the Gallery application version and higher, as well as the Xiaomi cloud services application (Mi Cloud Service) version and higher. The technology is already available on four smartphones of the company: Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra.

Recall that earlier last month, Xiaomi unveiled the flagship smartphones Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra, as well as unique transparent TV and a number of other products.

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