New ELEPHONE smartwatch model coming soon

ELEPHONE smartwatch

The ELEPHONE brand is well known for their interesting and affordable phone models, but the scope of their production is much wider. They are also dabbling in the audio accessories like TWS earphones or smart devices like webcameras or even smartwatch models. And according to our insider information that’s exactly what they are plan to launch soon – a new smartwatch piece. We even have some alleged picture of this new gadget, but the actual information about it is really scarce.

Previous smartwatch ELEPHONE model W6 was heavily inspired by the Apple Watch design and brought a stylish, thin and light all-metal body. It also included some advanced features like the blood oxygen or blood pressure monitoring, various sport activities tracking or IP67 rugged certification. So it’s only logical to expect similar things from the new model, but maybe with some extra twist and features ? How about independent GPS chip or something similar ?

But that’s of course only pure speculation. All we know is based only on the one initial picture of the new smartwatch model. So the twist will be a circular display, this time with pretty significant bezels and a silicone wristband. Based on our information it should be launched still in September. So we should be getting some more details soon about this new ELEPHONE smartwatch model.

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